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What is the VATsaver ® ?
A totally new procedure for Vat refund applications
A web-based communication and administration system
System Login
Basic problem:
A service provider e.g. trade fair company, congresses organizer, hotel is charging German VAT for ist services
Problem: How to recover the foreign VAT?
Solution: VATsaver ® ! We arrange the Vat refund and care about everything!
This means…
We get the Vat, paid back via Vat refund applications
We care about the correspondence, advise and support
By VATsaver ® everything happens very quickly, easy, safe and smooth
Advantages of VATsaver ® :
Savings of time and work
Reduction of your costs
Less mistakes due to control system
Easy and effective application
What does VATsaver ® offer?
256-bit-encoding enables high security and spam-blocking
Quick and safe data transfer and processing
Possibility of integration of scanned documents and data (for example excel data)
How does VATsaver ® work?
Use the intranetsystem for:
Secure submission and transfer of company data to our office
Easy and quick correspondence
… still questions?
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